What does Zonnige Kempen do?

DSC_0029Zonnige Kempen is a social housing company from Westerlo (Belgium), founded in 1963. The company is the youngest social housing company within the VMSW (Flemish Society for Social Living).

Zonnige Kempen aims to accompany candidates for social housing in the proces of finding an affordable house, adjusted to their physical condition and their household. All houses comply with all regulation regarding safety and health.

The patrimonium of Zonnige Kempen grew the past fifteen years from 300 to 2337 houses, and is still growing at the moment.

There are projects in eleven communities: Berlaar – Grobbendonk – Heist-op-den-Berg – Herenthout – Herselt – Hulshout – Laakdal – Nijlen – Vorselaar – Westerlo – Zandhoven.

Our company also participates in the European eSESH-project and developed the educational walking route in Herenthout.