About Zonnige Kempen

Zonnige Kempen - Sociale huisvestingsmaatschappij met een hart voor duurzaamheidZonnige Kempen is a social housing company from Westerlo (Belgium). Founded in 1963, the company still is the youngest social housing company within the VMSW (Flemish Society for Social Living). Social housing companies provide decent and affordable living accomodations (for rent or to buy) to people with a lower income.

Zonnige Kempen gives a special dimension to social housing by providing sustainable buildings. In this way the tenants electricity bill can be kept under control and natural resources won’t be heavily consumed.

In our every day life the word ‘durability’ is frequently used. But not everyone realizes that durability has two different meanings. On one hand durability means that something is able to withstand wear and tear or decay and that it’s able to last over a longer period of time. On the other hand it also means that something is ecological and environmentally friendly.Thus, durability can be applicated in different areas while trying to find a balance between the integration in environment, energy, water, materials and waste.